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Bentonite Mixing Green Tea Tofu Cat Litter
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Bentonite Mixing Green Tea Tofu Cat Litter

With a scientific ratio of tofu cat litter and bentonite, mixing cat litter combines the advantages of both, performs perfect in clumping and is especially economical to use.
Cat seems to enjoy its texture the way that it felt under the paws and is gravitated towards the litter.
It is more natural, environmental friendly and safe than common betonite cat litter and a small amount can be flushed directly into the toilet.
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It is a cat litter mixing bentonite with green tea tofu cat litter. The exclusive blend technology maximizes the absorption and agglomeration ability. It is not dusty compared with common mineral cat litter, along with less tracking due to the strip shape of tofu cat litter. 


Bentonite fills in the gaps between the particles of tofu cat litter, making much stronger and efficient in water absorption, clumping and odor control. 


It create small clumps and use less, making it rather budget friendly. The ideal texture and particle size combine to solve litter box problems, giving your cats good foot feels.




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