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No Tracking 3.0 mm Coffee Tofu Cat Litter
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No Tracking 3.0 mm Coffee Tofu Cat Litter

Made of high-qulity pea fibre and coffee powder, coffee cat litter has a strong absorption ability, making it excellent in dehumidification and odor control.
Unique and exclusive formula of our tofu cat litter brings the experience of using cat litter box on a totally new level. It not only seals bad smell of urine and feces, but also neutralizes ammonia, making your house safe and allergic friendly.
It is easy to dispose of by flushed in a toilet in small quantities at a time; you can also use it as fertilizer.
  • 1.5mm/ 2mm/ 3mm/ 3.5mm/ crushed
  • Catsmi
  • 140490

Our tofu cat litter is made of natural plant material, safe and eco-friendly. The coffee powder additive makes it an excellent absorbent. It rapidly absorbs liquid, evenly and hygienically, before unpleasant odors develop. 


The relatively large granule perfectly solves the tracking issue because it is less likely to get stuck in your cats paws, also making it an excellent alternative if your cats have a paw injury.


Its natural and environmental friendly ingredients are safe and biodegradable, and you can throw it into the toilet directly in small quantities at a time or use as fertilizer.




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