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Premium Crushed Mineral Bentonite Cat Litter
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Premium Crushed Mineral Bentonite Cat Litter

With no additives, no irritating odor and low dust, our 100% natural crushed bentonite cat litter is especially suitable for cats with litter box issues in addition to the advantages of fast clumping, super absorption and not sticking in the litter box.
The sand-like texture makes it nice and comfortable for cat paws.
It's eco-friendly, biodegradable and toilet flushable, and you can also use it as fertilizer.
  • crushed/ ball shape
  • Catsmi
  • 250810
  • 100% natural Materials

Catsmi crushed mineral bentonite cat litter is made of 100% natural premium bentonite, without any harmful chemicals or additives. Its sand-like texure gives cat good touch feeling and makes it easy for cats to adapt.


  • Super absorbency

Premium bentonite works as an excellent liquid absorbent and instantly clumps after liquids gets on it. It perfectly neutralizes and retains odors due to its natural features.





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