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Story with My Little Cutie -- Baozi
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Story with My Little Cutie -- Baozi

Views: 0     Author: Olivia     Publish Time: 2022-07-14      Origin: Site

Today is the 3rd anniversary that my litter cutie -- Baozi, officially became my family member. He witnessed my business growth and career development in pet industry all along the way. My students once asked, why not write a blog for him? Couldn't agree more.

Our story began in the summer of 2018, when I just moved to my new home. One night when I was taking a walk after dinner, through a glass door I saw a kitten roll off a cardboard box. My heart was hit at the moment and I opened the door, reached down and lifted up the kitten. Then I looked at the cat cafe owner and asked, "Do you need a partner?" "Yes!"Her eyes lit up. "I'm in." Even up to time now, Annie, my partner, still thinks our meet was so magic.

                                                               our cat cafe        蓝莓

At that time, cat cafes in Qingdao were just emerging and ragdoll cats were more popular, but we mainly raised Garfield, so we had a really hard time. Later we also introduced some other breeds of cats and our business began to take off. Of course it was also because our lovely cats were well cared for, which made them clingy to humans. Among these lovely cats, Blueberry is our customers' favorite staff. She gave birth to two kittens on March 15th, 2019.

I still remember that day on March 31st, I had just returned from a competition with my students and rushed to our cafe to see them. The kittens really looked like two baby mice. We named them Baozi and Jiaozi, two traditional Chinese food. They grew up fast and one of our customers take Jiaozi home when they were two months old. Baozi was left alone because his right eye is slightly defective and easily inflamed. He is very quiet and gentle and is often bullied by another Garfield in our cafe. So I finally decided to take him home. It was on July 12th, 2019 that Baozi officially became my family member.


My parents and husband all love him. He is so cute and when you look at him, you feel like the whole world owes him little dried fish. He likes to sleep beside me. And every time I am preparing for classes or working on my papers, he stays with me and fills me with power. Thank you so much for your companion, my sweetheart. It is also Baozi who makes me decide to do business project in the field of pet products trade.

Now Baozi is 3 years old and a very lovely and fat adult cat, but he is still a kid in my eyes. I love him so much, and I hope our story goes on forever.❤❤❤


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